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We've been working with Canadian tax information slips for decades. We annually prepare hundreds of XML submissions and distribute many thousands of slips for clients of every size and description. We like what we do and we're very good at it!

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A product of ELM Computer Systems, the developers of AvanTax eForms, AvanTax Filing Services provides secure and reliable online processing of Canadian tax slips and data filing services for organizations of any size.

From multi-national firms with tens of thousands of recipients to shops with two or three, we give each client the best service available.


Our mission is to provide you with the best Canadian tax slip processing services available. We will prepare your return in a timely manner, at reasonable cost and with a team of experts; each of whom has several decades of experience in Canadian tax slip preparation.


You'll never be just another invoice with us. We know that, no matter its size, the heart and soul of your business are the people who show up each day and contribute to its success. We'll work closely with your people to ensure your returns are filed correctly and quickly.


Our online data service is fast, reliable and easy. Once you've uploaded your data through our secure client portal you're done! We'll take care of everything else: We'll prepare, print and mail (or email) your recipient slips; we'll submit your XML files to the CRA & Revenu Québec transfer sites; and we'll provide you with final reports for your own records.


We prepare all of the tax slips and returns listed here; and we'll also take special requests!
♦ Canada Revenue Agency: RRSP, NR4, T1204, T215, T3, T4, T4A, T4ANR, T4ARCA, T4E, T4PS, T4RIF, T4RSP, T5, T5007, T5008, T5013, T5018, T2200, T2202A & TFSA
♦ Revenu Québec: Relevé 1, Relevé 2, Relevé 3, Relevé 5, Relevé 8, Relevé 11, Relevé 15, Relevé 16, Relevé 18, Relevé 22, Relevé 24, Relevé 25, Relevé 27, Relevé 30, Relevé 31 & TP-64


How does AvanTax Filing Services compare to processing tax slips in-house? Our volume lets us reduce processing, printing and postage costs for our clients and our decades of experience in Canadian tax processing let us do the job right.

Our clients save money and reduce stress when they subcontract their data processing to us. Give yourself a break and let us do the same for you.

Our Most Requested Services

We convert raw tax slip data into CRA/RQ XML files and efile on your behalf. We also print & mail recipient slips or distribute slips as secure PDF to the recipient's email.

Prepare & Submit XML Returns to CRA or Revenu Québec
Prepare Canadian Tax Slips for Firms in USA
Prepare Amended, Cancelled & Customized Slips
Email Password Protected Recipient PDFs
Print, Fold & Mail Recipient Slips

Our Most Requested Slips

We distribute hundreds of thousands of information slips annually. T4A slips are our most 'popular' forms, but we also process substantial numbers of other slip types.

T4 Returns
T4A Returns
Relevé 1 Returns
Relevé 31 Returns
T3, T5, T2200, T2202A, Relevé 2, Relevé 3, Relevé 24 ... AND MORE!

Meet The Team

We're more than just words on a website, we're people. We're people who will listen to you (because you're people too) and work with you to ensure that your data is treated with the utmost care and processed exactly as you wish.

Our people are ...

Our Services

Whether you're 100% Canadian, or an American or multi-national with Canadian operations, we'll save you time and money. Our agents have decades of experience in tax slip processing and annually prepare hundreds of tax returns and hundreds of thousands of slips. We'll create, validate and electronically submit your XML return and prepare and distribute recipient slips on your behalf.

Basic Package

Upload your data through our online service and we'll give you back a completed return. Our Basic Package includes:

Import from CSV, Excel & XML
Convert data to XML
CRA/RQ XML file validation
Client & internal reviews
Submit XML to CRA/RQ
PDF of all recipient slips
File copies of all reports

Optional Services

Delegate more of your work to us and save even more of your time, add any combination of our Optional Services:

Print recipient slips
Return ship printed slips
Fold & mail printed slips
Include custom cover letter
Individual recipient PDF slips
Email secure PDF slips
Include custom attachment

Custom Services

We're not just limited to processing mere tax forms either, we also offer a wide variety of Custom Services; including:

Unclaimed property filing
Previous years' submissions
Multi-page forms printing
Create XML from any source
Customized forms
Customized data printing
Customized XML formatting

All tax slip & XML output prepared and distributed by AvanTax Filing Services is approved by Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Québec


Over the years we've prepared countless returns for a wide variety of business types. Below are just a few examples of the work we've done in the way of tax slip preparation and XML data processing for our clients. What can we do for you?

Stock Plan Administration

17,000 Recipient Slips
26 Returns: T4RSP | T5 | T5008 | Relevé 18
Convert data to XML & eFile
Sort, print & mail recipient slips
PDF copies of bad-address recipient slips
Final reports & XML submission confirmations

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Media Event Management

300 Recipient Slips
4 Returns: T4 | T4A | Relevé 1
Generate Relevé 1 returns from T4A data
Convert data to XML & eFile
Final reports & XML submission confirmations
Amended & Cancelled returns

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Employee Benefits Admin.

40,000 Recipient Slips
25 Returns: T4A
Data correction
Convert data to XML & eFile
Sort, print & mail recipient slips
Final reports & XML submission confirmations

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Unclaimed Property Reports

130 Properties, 700 Owners
Develop custom Text-to-XML converter
Convert raw data to XML & eFile
Final reports & XML submission confirmations

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Direct Sales

380 Recipient Slips
1 Return: T4A
Convert data to XML & eFile
Create encrypted PDF slips
Email PDF slips to recipients
Final reports & XML submission confirmations

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Investment Management

4,000 Recipient Slips
2 Returns: NR4 | T3
Data correction
Convert data to XML & eFile
Design custom print output
Sort, custom print & mail recipient slips
Final reports & submission confirmations
Amended & Cancelled returns

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What Our Clients Say

We like our clients a lot! We enjoy working with them and we do all that we can to ensure that they enjoy working with us. Our goal is to meet every challenge as a new opportunity to impress our clients and exceed their expectations. Here's what a few of our clients have said about our service.


Cost and level breaks for our Standard Package and each Optional Service are shown below. Contact us for large volume quotes or to discuss forms or services not in this list.


Import data; Convert to CRA/RQ XML; Client review; Submit XML; PDF documentation
1,000 slips or less
$1.00 / slip
$350.00 minimum
1,001 to 5,000 slips
$1,000.00 for first 1,000 slips
$0.50 each additional slip
5,001 slips or more
$3,000.00 for first 5,000 slips
$0.33 each additional slip

Additional fees will be charged for data not supplied in our specified format
Any number of slips
$150.00 / hour
$150.00 minimum

Printed Slips
750 slips or less
$350.00 minimum
751 to 1,000 slips
$350.00 for first 750 slips
$0.20 each additional slip
1,001 slips or more
$400.00 for first 1,000 slips
$0.15 each additional slip
Fold & Envelope Printed Slips
500 slips or less
$250.00 minimum
501 slips or more
$250.00 for first 500 slips
$0.50 each additional slip
Mail Printed Slips to Recipients
Current Canada Post rates
Print return address on envelopes
$0.50 / Slip
$100.00 minimum
Deliver slips to postal gateway
$81.00 / 1,000 slips
$194.00 / 10,000 slips
Return Ship Printed Slips to Client
Deliver slips to client
$10.00 / 500 slips
$25.00 minimum
Individual PDF Recipient Slips
Individual recipient slips
(password protected)
$300.00 for first 300 slips
$0.08 each additional slip
$50.00 minimum
Email PDF Slips to Recipients
Email recipient slips
(password protected)
$0.08 / slip
$150.00 minimum

Standard Package
Small qty. - No extra charge
Large qty. - Standard Rates
Optional Services
Standard Rates

Canada Revenue Agency
RRSP / NR4 / T1204 / T215 / T3 / T4 / T4A / T4ANR
T4E / T4ARCA / T4PS / T4RIF / T4RSP / T5
T5007 / T5008 / T5013 / T5018
T2200 / T2202A / TFSA
Revenu Québec
Relevé 1 / Relevé 2 / Relevé 3 / Relevé 5 / Relevé 8
Relevé 11 / Relevé 15 / Relevé 16 / Relevé 18 / Relevé 22
Relevé 24 / Relevé 25 / Relevé 27 / Relevé 30 / Relevé 31 / TP-64

Rates last updated on January 24, 2019
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AvanTax Filing Services converts Canadian tax information slip data in CSV, XLS/XLSX or XML files into Canada Revenue Agency & Revenu Québec XML formats. We can process data for any number of recipients; for any number of payers; for any conceivable situation.

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Complete our Order Form and we'll get working for you today! Please note that we must receive your data no less than a week before its filing deadline in order for us to have sufficient time to process your data, submit reports for your review and still be able to meet the filing deadline.

Data Templates

Our Import Templates prepare your data for import into our system with Import Format details for each field of every form; ensuring that your data is compatible with our system. Contact Us to discuss process of custom XML and forms not already available in our system.

System Security

We respect the privacy of your data and we place a very high priority on data security. Data can only be uploaded to us through our secure client portal and, on import into our system, is encrypted from start to finish. Refer to our Terms & Conditions for details of our privacy policies.

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